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Рубрика: Alboth & Kaiser

Alboth & Kaiser

Alboth & Kaiser

Германия     / Бавария / Штаффельштайн

Deutschland / Bavaria   / Staffelstein

Porzellanveredelung August Alboth (1872 until 1928)

In 1872 August Alboth established a small china-refining and decorating business in the town of Coburg; its first documented mentioning was dated May 8th 1873. His son Ernst (*1868) later joined the business. After his father retired in 1899 Ernst decided to move the company from Coburg to a newly built factory in Kronach and the first few years of the new factory could still be enjoyed by August, who regulary visited the factory until he died in 1908. Ernst Alboth himself had two children: son Willy (who later joined his father in the company management in 1925) and daughter Erna. She married the Munich banker Georg Kaiser (born 1895) in 1922 and he joined Ernst Alboth as manager. In 1923 Erna then gave birth to their son, Hubertus Kaiser. After the death of Ernst Alboth in 1927, Willy Alboth (who had no children of his own) and Georg Kaiser decided to change the company name to ‘AL-KA’, a combination of the first two letters of each family name.